Slumber and Sleep Body Wash

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Relaxing vapors while you wash your little one with a natural blend of essential oils 9 fl oz / 266 ml. Slumber & sleep 3-in-1 essential oil all-over wash is formulated with a natural, concentrated blend of 100% pure essential oils to help babies calm and relax while bathing before bed. The plant-based formula can be used as a vapor bath or as a gentle shampoo and body wash. Slumber & sleep essential oil 3-in-1 wash uses 100% pure essential oils formulated specifically for babies including: Lavender oil. Chamomile oil. Oilogic's four steps to sweet dreams - watch now!   Directions: Pour a generous amount of oilogic’s slumber & sleep 3-in-1 into a warm bath and allow your child to soak while breathing in the calming vapors.