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Good morning beauty queens!

Today is Monday December 23rd (my boyfriend's 32nd birthday) and we are about to hit the road to Florida for the Hollidays. We are planning on doing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family and then head to Gus's families house in Chapin, South Carolina. I  really like his family and my family really likes him so I  always look forward to these trips. However, I am not looking forward to being stuck in a car, but Gus usually does all the driving so it won't be that bad lol. 

My birthday is coming up, its January 2nd. Gus planned a trip to North Carolina for us, I am not huge on celebrating my birthday....Those close to me know why... BUT with all of that being said if you place an order between TODAY and Jan 3 it will not ship until Jan 3. I am not sure how many people know this, but I  am a one women shop. I process, package, mail, etc every single order by hand (with the occasional help of Gus). I  also write a hand written thank you note with EVERY SINGLE ORDER. Its my way of connecting with my customers and making sure everyone knows how much I appreciate their order! Sometimes when orders are flying in I    do sometimes get overwhelmed because it is just me, myself, and I BUT I    couldn't be more grateful. I built my company from the ground up completely by myself so that is why I haven't hired an assistant, I like to think I can do it all, and all by myself #bossbitch which is why shipping times vary. MOST of the time I  can get orders out quicker than Kortni's showers, but when I travel it may take a few days! Shipping will never be longer than a week unless it is a pre sale.

I am adding SO MANY cute new items these next few days! rest assure that if you purchase an item this week it WILL ship, but it won't ship until Jan 3. 

You guys rock, I couldn't do this without the constant support of every single one of you.



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